Apply For A Licence To Sell Alcohol

We provide a fixed-fee service for premises licence applications for the:

    • Grant of a new Premises Licence (£499 ex vat)
    • Full variation of an existing Premises Licence (£449 ex vat)
    • Prices exclude vat and licensing disbursements

What does this cover?

    • Risk Assessment by an experienced consultant
    • Liaison with the applicant and the responsible authorities
    • Preparation, completion & submission of all forms of application including the Operating Schedule
    • Preparation and the posting of notices for the premises and in the local press
    • Negotiation with any concerned parties throughout the consultation period

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Apply For A Licence To Sell Alcohol

Obtaining a Licence to sell alcohol can be the key to business success. Restaurants, takeaways and Supermarkets! Selling alcohol consumption ON or OFF the premises can transform your business and make it highly profitable.

This is called a Premises Licence. But applying for a Premises License can be a minefield.

Getting Just Any Premises Licence Could Be Disastrous

The key part to any Premises Licence are the conditions imposed on it, either by yourself, or by the authorities. It’s so easy to get it wrong. For instance, people often try to make the application on their own, and so accept all authority recommendations that are suggested, and then face huge problems trying to meet the conditions that are imposed.

Conditions are like rules. And whatever they are, you’ll have to abide by them 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year when selling alcohol. The Act says the punishment for breaking a condition of your Premises Licence is an unlimited fine, and/or 6 months in prison.

Is this a risk you really want to take?

How Does it all Work?

When an application is made, you not only apply to the Licensing Authority in your area, but also to nine (in some cases), other responsible authorities, including the Home Office. (All applicants now have to prove they have the legal right to work in the country to hold a valid licence).

All the authorities can ask for conditions to be added to your licence in order for it to be granted. The problem arises when you are unsure of the detail of the Licensing Act, and feel that you need to agree to all the conditions, simply because, for example, the Police have requested them.It doesn’t have to be this way!

After all, you want a Premises Licence that will allow you some freedom in the way you trade, and most importantly, allow you to make money.

You certainly don’t want to end up with a legal document with 65 listed conditions, as I have seen, all because the applicant didn’t know what he was doing.

100% Guarantee

In addition to that, we offer 100% guarantee for any application I agree to take on that meets the eligibility criteria.

If for any reason your application is refused, we will, at our expense, submit a second application on your behalf. This has, over the years, been one way of getting difficult applications granted. On occasion an application may fail the first time around, but all, in my experience have been successful when we have re- applied, simply because, having had the application rejected, we are able to positively address the concerns of the objectors second time around.
If it comes to this… It won’t cost you a penny.  Second time around it’s on me…

What would be extra?

The cost of suitable layout plans to accompany the application (which we can arrange for you), the newspaper notice fee (usually around £200-£300), the Licensing Application fee (grant or full variation is usually £100 or £190) and Representation at a licensing hearing (if there are stubborn objections that cannot be negotiated away).

What other applications we can process for you?

  • Minor variation of a premises licence
  • Transfer of a Premises Licence
  • Appointment of a new Designated Premises Supervisor
  • Issue of Temporary Event Notices
  • and, of course, the Grant of a Personal Licence

For what businesses have we confidence successfully gained a premises licence?

  • Cafes & Coffee shops
  • Pubs & Wine Bars
  • Night Clubs
  • Convenience Stores & off-licences
  • Supermarkets
  • Theatres & Cinemas
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Community Centres & Village Halls
  • Late night take-aways
  • Sports & Leisure Centres
  • Social Clubs
  • Service Stations & Truck-stops
  • Florists & Hairdressers
  • Breweries & alcohol distribution centres

Why choose us?

  • Highly regarded and experienced licensing consultants
  • National coverage
  • Fixed-fee on all applications
  • Fully managed from consultation to completion

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